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it's now or never...

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With the launch of the new Spring Summer collection drawing close I wanted to share a little of what it's all about and why we did it...
The simple answer is that I'm an Elvis fan. I've threatened an Elvis inspired collection almost everywhere I have ever worked and sadly no one ever took me up on the offer so when thinking about where to begin for our new collection I decided it was now or never! 
What is it about Elvis? it's everything: the music, the looks and the style. Let's be honest it's the young beautiful Elvis rather than the fat Vegas Elvis!! 
From Elvis himself in the early days of rock and roll to the adoring fans, the collection includes 50's saddle shoes, sparkling gold for a touch of the showman, something ultra special representing Vegas Elvis and of course a selection of blue suede shoes. I can't wait to share it with you...
photos sourced from Pinterest