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My one desire when in Wales was to pick up a genuine Welsh blanket for our home. Our house is absolutely freezing and some some reason we don't have any blankets - I think that's because I haven't found THE one so instead of making with anything do we just freeze instead. Anyway, like I said I was hoping that when in Wales we might just be able to find a traditional Welsh blanket. I was given a recommendation that Jane Beck had the best selection so I dragged the boys over to check it out. I had seen a few pics of the shop on the internet but her website somehow doesn't do the actual shop and it's contents justice. The small building is crammed to the rafters of vintage blankets of all colours, patterns and textures. There's so many to choose from it's very difficult to only leave with one but finally we all agreed on a design from the 1950s called Liquorice Allsorts: black with pink, blue and white tapestry design. Next time we go back I think I might need pale pink for our room and bright blue for the boys...