AW15 inspiration

Our new AW15 collection is called "new shoes for Mr & Mrs Fox" and here's why...
Having been reading a lot of stories by Roald Dahl to Connor at bedtime we had both really enjoyed 'Fantastic Mr Fox' and it got me thinking about what shoes the smart hero Mr Fox might wear.
Back to back movie sessions followed shortly after and the beautiful cinematography in Wes Anderson's film version of the book helped to establish the collection's seasonal colours. We also threw a visit to the Roald Dahl museum in Buckinghamshire into the mix and the idea for the collection was cemented. (as a side note, my Uncle Peter made all the models and puppets for Wes Anderson's movie so really we're just keeping it in the family!)

 As you can see, at the time Connor was as tall as Matilda and Shea (his little brother) was smaller even than a snozzcumber!! ;)

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