All you need to know

All your most frequently asked questions about CHAPTER 2 shoes & boots, answered in one place:

How do they fit? We work towards classic fitting standards so the length is pretty true to size but our width is slightly more generous. Please note that Swift shoes have a slightly closer fit in terms of width than our boots.

I have a wide/slim foot, will they fit me? Our boots are on the slightly more generous side in terms of width fitting but honestly as everyone's feet are so different the only way to know if they will fit is to try. 

Can I return them if they don't fit? Yes, all styles can be returned*. We know that it's tricky to buy shoes online so as long as the boots haven't been worn outside (we suggest trying them on at home on carpet or a rug) we offer a refund or exchange if they don't fit. If you're not sure about your size please check out the conversion chart on each product page or drop us a message and if we can we'll help you to find the right size 

*Styles bought from the Archive Sale can be returned for exchange or credit note, they cannot be refunded.

What height are your boots? Wren boots are approx12.5cm tall and Jackdaw boots 17.5cm tall.

How high will they come up my legs? Well, this depends how long your legs are!!

Do they cover the ankle? yes, both Wren & Jackdaw boots will cover your ankle. The Wren boot covers the ankle by an inch or so, and the Jackdaw boot is a little taller so comfortably covers the ankle and more but isn't on the calf. 

I’m worried they'll take a while to wear in... The leathers we use are actually pretty soft so they shouldn't take much time to wear in at all. We also use a soft calf lining so although there is no padding the lining will feel soft and smooth against your feet. 

As you wear the Jackdaw Boot the leather will soften and gently crease to take the shape of your ankle and the movement of your leg so it doesn't feel restrictive.

Here's a few pictures of my boots after about 9 months wear so that you can see how they will look worn in.




Where can I buy replacement shoelaces? We send a second lace in the box for each pair so you don't need to worry about where to find a replacement. If the original lace is a contrast shade to the boot more often than not the 2nd lace will be tonally matching the upper. For example; black Wren Boots are laced with a light tan lace but there will be a black lace in the box.

How can I look after my boots? we have a shoe care guide specifically to help you keep your boots looking beautiful for longer - super simple steps and tips that are easy to do at home. Click here to read it... 


How can I protect the leather sole? Short of adding a rubber forepart there's not much you can do to protect your leather sole. Leather soles will only look absolutely beautiful the first time you wear them. Each time you wear your boots the sole will scuff a little and the surface will begin to dimple. This is totally normal and is your sole wearing in, not wearing out. The scuffing will also make them feel slightly less slippy.

If you're not used to wearing leather soles and would feel more comfortable with a rubber sole you might want to get your local shoe repairer to add a rubber patch to the sole. 

This boot has had around 9 months wear and shows you how the leather sole will look as it wears in.


We also have advice on sole repairs as every few years you might need to replace the leather sole so that you can get several more years wear from them. Read about a sole repair and tips on when to spot it's time for a new sole in our blog post on sustainability & shoe repair.

There's no zip on the Jackdaw Boots, does it get easier to put them on? We chose not to have a zip as well as laces for two main reasons; it spoils the classic look and we like the laces to be functional rather than for decoration only. After just a few wears you'll soon get the hang of lacing up these boots at speed. After I've taken off my boots I keep the laces loose so that next time I come to put them on it's really easy and I only need to tighten up the top half of the laces. The more you wear them the quicker you'll get at lacing!

Will you be getting more of the fox coloured Jackdaw Boots? I'm afraid not so once they're sold out that's it, they're all gone. We make small runs of each style which means sizes are quite limited and some key sizes will sell out fast.  

If there's anything else you want to know about our boots just ask...