Our Leather Sole

CHAPTER 2 leather sole
As most of you will probably be used to rubber soles on your shoes, here's a little something about the leather soles which feature on all our beautiful shoes.  
First things first, leather is not like rubber and it will not perform like rubber. The first time the shoes are worn the top surface of the leather will start to scuff. This is normal and is how leather soles wear - this doesn't mean that they have worn out, more that they are wearing in.
The sole is hand built directly onto the shoe in a rich shade of tan leather with individually painted black brushstrokes in the waist area. As this is all done by hand each pair will be slightly different.
We use a traditional Blake stitch construction which means that the sole is stitched to the insole, making the adhesion of the upper and sole stronger. It also means that your shoes can be smartly repaired by the shoemaker when you need a new leather sole. Looking after your boots like this means your favourite pair can keep on living for longer. The heel is also built using leather stacks and has a TPU heel tip for extra durability and anti slip.