backstage with Elvis

I love creating our campaign images and this season has been extra fun. Elvis is back in the building in a series of backstage photos, in the down time before and after a concert, signing autographs with the showgirls and meeting the fans. Here's a little from behind the scenes...
When my son Connor was born a friend gave us a giant Simon Dixon screen print of Elvis which hangs in our home (the best new born gift) so I think he's always been aware of who Elvis is. In the run up to the shoot I'd shown him photos of Elvis, persuaded him to grow his hair again and we'd played some Elvis music so he could get more into the idea of being him for the day. With Connor set to star as Elvis I had thought he might need a bit of coaxing to bring out the showman in him but I couldn't have been more wrong! Once suited and styled he turned to me and said "but mummy I don't think I really look like Elvis". With his long floppy hair all styled up in a quiff, dressed in a tuxedo, add a little swagger and I was finding it difficult to recognise him as my son. With Laura ready to start photographing I suggest to go downstairs and see what the others think. We were about to head down when he tells me to go on ahead and he'd come down after me to make his big entrance. So, anyway I don't know what I was worried about, one whiff of the microphone and he was away, no instructions necessary and he was busy crooning and performing as if he'd been doing it all his life. And even though he'd never played the guitar he somehow managed a recognisable rendition of Heartbreak Hotel!
Tom and I decided that as our shoes are unisex it would be amazing to have a boy and a girl Elvis. One shot I had in mind was a re-creation of the iconic Jail House Rock images. Awesome. But, having attempted at home to get Connor to roll up onto his toes and watching him fail miserably, I had just about given up on the idea until our girl Elvis totally nailed it on the day. Amazing!!
Aside from Elvis the collection is also about his fans - the ones who went crazy for him. With the cutest pair of showgirls/fans we were all set (I wish someone would do my hair like that please). Not looking that comfortable with two beautiful girls hanging on his arm we tell Elvis you're supposed to look pretty pleased with yourself as you've got two really hot girls draped around you. To which Elvis replies "yes, it is pretty hot standing next to these girls". That's the moment you remember Elvis is only 6 ;)
Shoots are one of those days which alway feel like a big pressure. It's the culmination and representation of a seasons work, we have one chance to capture it and tell the story. This was an epic day like no other! Big thanks to our team on the day for helping me realise my vision: 
Photography: Laura Alice Hart. Hair: Rachel Jones. Models: Connor, Magdalena, Limi and Charlotte. Clothes loaned from: Paul Smith, Wolf & Rita, Bobo Choses. Styling and concept: me


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