Castles in the sand

Last year we didn't stop at all. No breaks. By Christmas I was hanging on by a thread so this year I decided we needed to make a real effort to stop and take a proper break. So, to celebrate shoemaker Toms birthday we went to Morocco for a few days - with no kids. Yippee! 
A fly by visit to Marrakesh to see the YSL musuem & Majorelle gardens (see previous post) then off to the coastal town of Essouira. A chilled out hippy-ish town with traditional fishermen, fort (where they filmed Game of Thromes for anyone who's a fan), beach and plenty of kite surfers.
We stayed in the old medina in the most beautiful of houses: Dar Emma. A cool, contemporary take on traditional moroccan living. The house revolves around a central stairwell with no roof so it's open all the way to the sky, keeping the place cool and airy. Simple living and I've come back wanting to tile our whole house with pattern and colour. 


The medina is a maze of small streets, full of interesting shops and bazaars and wild cats, it would be easy to get lost. Thankfully we had a Mohammed to show us around a little and to help get our bearings through the maze of the medina. With no cars allowed it's relatively relaxed and although there's a little bit of hustle bustle it's pretty chilled out really. For a taste of Morocco without the hastle I'd highly recommend it. Knowing myself and in the interests of not bringing back a whole load of stuff to our little house we only took hand luggage but if we ever do get a house of our own then this is the place to come and find some interesting homewares, starting with traditional Moroccan rugs! Such a nice few days breather and a chance to take life at a slower pace. We'll definitely be back.


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