Connor goes to work

As some of you know I work freelance for a luxury British designer most of the week, designing their women's shoe collection. The boys are pretty curious as I head out to London super early in the morning and come back around bedtime or after they're asleep so during the week the majority of my time is spent there rather than at home. Connor has been asking for a while if he could come into work with me for the day so finally I decided to do it. Give him a chance to see where I work, what I do and to let him have a go at designing a shoe on the computer for himself. I'm so glad I did it as he had the best day and was SO proud of what he'd done.
He's pretty good at drawing anyway so I figured he'd like to try his hand at cad. He drew his sneaker by hand, we scanned it in and then I showed him how to use Illustrator to draw the lines and we transferred it to Photoshop so he could colour it in. The same process I use on a daily basis to draw and colour up my designs. Considering he's only 9, never used either of these two programs before or drawn anything on the computer, to say I was impressed is an understatement! I know shoe designers who've been working in the industry for 20 years who still can't cad their designs on the computer so hats off to Connor. such a success he's already asking when he cam come back again and he wants to design a shoe which will really be in the collection! 

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