first snow

It doesn't feel truly like winter until there's a layer of fresh crisp snow on the ground. The skies in our part of England are moody and grey and full of rain at the moment. The idea of snow seems so very far away, but we can always dream. This time of year is all about dreaming so dream we shall curtesy of Helena Moore who captured the first snow and the beginnings of a white winter to come. Beautiful layers of linen combine with Wren Boots in chestnut on the perfect winters walk, the colours merging softly with the landscape. 

CHAPTER 2 x Helena Moore

CHAPTER 2 x Helena Moore CHAPTER 2 x Helena Moore

CHAPTER 2 x Helena Moore 

The Day the Snow Finally Came.

"It's the middle of winter," they would say,
But I just stared in dismay.
"How could it be winter without a blanket of snow?"
They said, "We do not know."

I waited hours, I waited weeks,
Yet you could still see those mountain peaks.
"The snow will not come this year," I thought.
Not a single dot.

I wanted to build a beast of a snowman this year
And sled down those snow hills with no fear.
Ski around the maze of trails with ease,
Seeing all the lovable white trees.

Then one day I saw something fall,
And it was so very small.
There were millions of them coming.
Oh, it was stunning!

The sun made the snow sparkle like glitter.
It was a real homerun hitter!
Today the snow will fall all day,
Leaving a path of fun on its way.

I immediately had chills run up my spine.
This is my heart's sunshine.
I love the snow so very much,
And I ran outside to hear it crunch.


poem by Kathleen E. Sorensen

CHAPTER 2 x Helena Moore

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