It's been a while since we had a proper day as a family so spending Sunday morning checking out the contemporary new pier at Hastings was some long overdue family time. 
A pier for the community the design is modern, the wide open space is refreshing and calming while the dull greyness of the wood blends into the grey skies. Through the telescopes we watched the lifeboat return to shore and sailing boats gliding out at sea. Inside the main structure we found a fun exhibit of Automata which kept the boys busy for a while. A quick blast in the photo booth, Shea only just sneaked into shot even though he was pulling his best photo face! 
Looking forward to visit again in summertime and to play and explore the rockpools on the shore below. 
Connor wears Magpie Boots and Shea wears Achilles in Emerald Leo 



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