A little thought about hope.

 Chapter 2 x Helena Moore

When I first spoke with Helena Moore about creating some Spring pictures for Chapter 2 we spoke about the uplifting feeling of a fresh new season and the bringing of hope. With many of us in lockdown in our homes and the rapid spread of the virus in each of our countries the notion of hope seems to be one of the most crucial things that we can hold onto right now.

Chapter 2 x Helena Moore

There are days when I just want to curl up and not face the world but even on those days there are so many things that I hope for:

I hope that my family stays healthy,

I hope that my parents are doing ok,

I hope that our friends and factories in Italy are surviving and will come through the hard times and be able to re-open once the danger has passed,

I hope people will still want to buy shoes when this is over,

I hope I don’t lose my job,

I hope we can afford to live,

I hope I don’t let my children down,

I hope I am enough,

I hope we can keep our minds positive,

I hope that once things have calmed down that life returns to some kind of normal, but what does that even look like?

I hope this has a positive impact on the climate and on society,

I hope this makes us all realise how small the world is and that we are all in this together,

I hope it makes us appreciate what we have,

I hope there will be a way forwards and each day I hope that today will be a good day.

 Chapter 2 x Helena MooreChapter 2 x Helena Moore

Helena Moore wears our women's Jackdaw Boots in Fox.

Chapter 2 x Helena Moore

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