Laces can be a bit of challenge with kids, especially when you're rushing out the door. Here at Chapter 2 we only make shoes and boots with laces, well, for the time being at least. We're hoping to change that for next Autumn Winter but for now our styles all have laces. 
Personally I like the ritual of lacing up boots, maybe it's because I've done it so many times it's kind of become second nature. I like the way that once you've got them tied up to the top you automatically feel smart and walk with a pride in your step. It's a feeling you just don't get from a velcro strap or such like. 
 As for my own kids, my eldest can tie his own laces - slowly and always pretty loose but he does it, and my youngest can't tie laces yet. He's the baby of the family so it's ok, his time will come soon enough...
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