Popping-up with Sideline

Our friends at Sideline invited us to join them at a little shop in Shoreditch, London the other week for a pop-up with the most lovely selection of brands; Sideline - everyday clothing with lots of considered detailing, Chapter 2 - beautiful shoes & boots (obviously), Rag of Colts - vintage style bags hand crafted from upcycled saddles, Corrie Williamson - jewellery, Nancy Meiland - parfums, and Freight Store - candles and cosy socks. Basically everything you need to create the perfect Autumn wardrobe!

CHAPTER 2 x Sideline Pop-UpCHAPTER 2 x Sideline Pop-Up

Thanks to everyone who came down to the shop, tried on shoes and either bought or put them on the Christmas wish list. It was so lovely to be able to help you guys to find your favourite pair in person. What a difference it is to be able to see our shoes in real life, to touch and smell the leather, see the quality and to experience what you can normally only see online. 

For those of you who couldn't make it down there I thought I'd put a little round up of images of what you missed!

CHAPTER 2 x Sideline Pop-UpCHAPTER 2 x Sideline Pop-UpCHAPTER 2 x Sideline Pop-Up

The shop was in the heart of Shoreditch, just round the corner from the famous Columbia Road Flower Market which is the perfect destination for Sunday strolls, coffee & cake, street markets and of course you can't leave without a bunch of flowers. 

CHAPTER 2 x Sideline Pop-UpCHAPTER 2 x Sideline Pop-Up 

Surrounded by so many lovely clothes and goodies for a few days it no surprise I treated myself to a new pair of trousers from sideline because let's face it they're the perfect pair to wear with my favourite Jackdaw Boots this Autumn.

CHAPTER 2 x Sideline Pop-Up

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