Currently all our shoes are handcrafted in England by my husband Tom. We have our own workshop in East Sussex, where everything is made, from the pattern cutting to the stitching to the lasting and finishing. However, for a while now we've been planning to move some of our production to Europe. Why? well, there are several reasons but the main one is that as we've grown it's got more challenging for one man to make all our shoes and boots by hand. Until now we've only been able to make a very limited run of our styles and often a lot of the collection we don't make at all. So, with the idea of trying to make our shoes and boots more accessible and more available, especially key sizes which are usually sold out (and to save a little of Tom's sanity) we are moving some of our production to Italy. As we move forwards our classics will be made in Italy and our exclusive made to order styles will still be hand crafted in England. This means that we'll be able to carry stock of everyone's favourite boots and Tom can focus on making the more special pieces which can only be made by hand with a lot of love and attention. 
Behind the scenes it's taken a while to source the right factory to partner with. Having researched various manufacturers in Spain, Portugal and Italy and I'm happy to share that we've been working with a supplier in Italy who just like us are a small family business of artisan shoe makers making high quality childrens shoes. Together we've been re-working our favourite and classic patterns: Jackdaw boot, Wren boot and Swift shoes. And in about a weeks time (5th Nov) the first fruits of this partnership will be arriving at our workshop and will be available on-line. It's an exciting time for us, a new chapter in our journey and I'm looking forward to share the new collection with you soon... x Fay
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