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When your friend (the one with the great taste) talks about starting a kids fashion label you know it's going to be good. Enter new brand MAIN STORY. My friend Sue recently launched her brand and I've been patiently waiting for the launch. Why? Because finding simple cool clothes for my boys is pretty hard and having seen various sneak peeks along the way I already had my wish list to hand. 
Sue and I met years ago when my first born was just a year old and we were both designing at Boden. I guess our friendship started because of a shared interest in design and morphed into kids design when she became pregnant. Anyway, to cut a long story short years later her starting a kids brand has brought us back together and I'm really proud to see the collection go live this past week or so. Simple silhouettes, good quality, contemporary prints with a cool edge. Essentially everything I'm looking for. So when Sue asked me to borrow a couple of pairs of WREN boots for her shoot how could I refuse?!
Featured styles: Wren boot in Black & Jackdaw Boot in Black + Nude.
Shot by the lovely Chieska Fortune Smith (@freddiefortune).
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