Majorelle Blue

We've talked about going to Morocco for a while now, since I read about the YSL museum and Majorelle gardens I specifically wanted to go there. If you get the chance to go then for sure you have to do it as the gardens are so so nice. Apart from all the selfie takers the gardens are super tranquil, the cacti, bamboo and other plants impressive and the colours just gorgeous. You can't help but come away totally in love with the famous Majorelle blue, yellow pots and terracotta dustiness which reminds you you're in Morocco. 
As for the museum, I'll be honest I was a little disappointed. I mean the building is super nice and what was displayed was interesting but there could've/should've been more. I wanted to leave totally bowled over and inspired by Yves Saint Laurent and his work and although it was interesting one room of his clothing wasn't enough. I wanted more. 
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