Chapter 2 x Izzy Pugh
We asked one of our favourite Instagram families @izzypugh to share their style with us. We started following their adventures because we love the way they naturally mix up and wear big, bold prints and colours without a care in the world. A lot of people are scared to wear print and colour, not Izzy Pugh. Quite the opposite in fact which is why we thought it would be fun to get to know them better and to see how they'd wear some of our most colourful shoes.
Hi Izzy, tell us a little about you and your family...
We are a family of five based in West London and have 5 year old twins Finn & Iza and a’baby’ who is somehow already a year and a half old and not a baby at all anymore. 
Since I was a child I’ve had an interest in clothing and fashion. I blame my mum who got me an actual, real fur coat for my tenth birthday when I asked for one and let me spend the whole of the 80’s dressed head to toe in turquoise and yellow polka dots with mis matched neon socks. 
When I had my own children it didn’t take me very long to start having a lot of fun dressing them up. Sharing pictures of their outfits and our life on Instagram turned into a way to blog about kid’s fashion without actually having to do anything as complicated as set up a blog. It’s just a hobby but I really enjoy it and I’ve got so much love for the joy, creativity and passion that smaller brands like yours put into kid’s shoes and clothing.  
I love the freedom of expression that your kids have with their wardrobe. Do you let them choose what they want to wear?
The bigger ones are pretty much in charge of their choices now. I might suggest stuff but more often than not my picks get thrown out of the window. There is a veto on anything ‘baggy’ at the moment which includes most dresses and any trousers that aren’t shorts or leggings but I absolutely love the way they pick patterns and colour and how unpredictable they are in terms of why they might like something. 
They are still little and I love the fact that Finn will totally go for floral patterns and Iza would rather wear skinny jeans than a frilly pink dress I hope they always feel free to wear whatever they fancy and feel comfy in without having to worry about what is for boys, what is for girls and what anyone else might think. 
Chapter 2 x Izzy PughChapter 2 x Izzy Pugh
These are your first pairs of shoes from Chapter 2, I’d love to hear what your kids think of them...
The moment they came out of the boxes they were straight on their feet. I think they loved them because they felt quite grown up like actually ‘proper’ shoes. The lilac patent and leopard skin is right up their (and my!) street. And they were both stroking the leopard skin ones like a new pet! The first thing they did was agree to share both pairs and wear one each. Very sweet. 
If your kids could design a shoe what would it look like?
Finn says he would design trainers with a lightening bolt and a ninja in really really really dark navy and they would ‘set on fire’. Iza would design a pair of boots with rainbows, unicorns and flowers but they would be black and from Asda because her friend at school has some and ‘that’s where the best boots come from’ (sorry!)
Chapter 2 x Izzy PughChapter 2 x Izzy Pugh
When you have great shoes you need great socks. You’ve paired our shoes with a series of lovely stripes, checks and colours, any tips on where to find the best kids socks this season...?
The stripy socks we used in the shoots were from a brand called Moromini and are just the best combinations of colours, we wear them all the time. I also love the brand Bobo Choses and their latest collection includes sparkly pink and yellow socks and tights and these amazing moon pattern socks. The American brand Nico Nico collaborates with Hansel from Basel and those socks are always amazing colour combos and super quality, we’ve had some for 3 years that are still going. Tinycottons have got some great checked and stripes socks this season as well in all the best colours and Raspberry Plum also do amazing crazy tights. (It’s actually a bit worrying how much space in my head is taken up by socks and tights!) 

From time to time my two boys refuse to wear pink or something they deem to be too girly. Have your twins ever told you they’re not wearing something?
Everyday! See above.  
   Chapter 2 x Izzy PughChapter 2 x Izzy PughChapter 2 x Izzy Pugh
Your style is all about mixing and clashing colours and textures, do you and your kids have favourite colours and brands?
They go through phases. Iza has just decided she is really into turquoise and has been a fan of lilac for a while. Finn loves bright green and says that is ‘his colour’. In terms of brands they don’t really ‘get’ that stuff yet but we work with a brand called Blaoublaou a lot and they always love that stuff I think because it is really easy to wear and the patterns are just so much fun. Paul reckons they look like they are in pyjamas all the time but who wouldn’t want to wear pyjamas all the time! 
Do you think as your kids get older your sense of fun in terms of style will adapt and “grow up” as they grow?
I was looking back at photos the other day from when they were little and thinking about how much more grown up they are now. They used to just be so cute. As they grow up I can see their clothes getting more adult. Still creative but perhaps less obviously playful. I love the brand ‘The Animals Observatory’ for this. Their latest collection has pieces that are inspired by vintage sportswear that they love because they have a kind of ‘sporty / football’ feel but are still amazing beautiful cool and full of imagination. The boxing shorts are my particular favourite. 
And finally, it’s harder as an adult to dress with as much fun, do you dress as eclectically as your kids?
It’s a bit harder as an adult to be as playful as children without looking totally mad but I fully plan to go the whole ‘Iris Apfel’ when I hit 70. For now I totally love colour and pattern but have about 5 seconds to get myself ready in the morning so don’t get the chance to be as creative as I’d like. I’ve just discovered the brand LF Markey (in fact I think people on Insta put me into it) and I love it because the colours are amazing but everything is totally wearable and I only look a little bit like a mad toddler! I just bought some mint green 70s style dungarees and a lilac polo neck to go underneath in the sale from them which would look so good with a pair of those lilac patent shoes so let me know if you ever start doing them in my size! 
Chapter 2 x Izzy Pugh
Finn & Iza wear Swift shoes in Lilac and Coral Pink Leo.
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