the best of 2017

It's getting close to the end of the year I wanted to take a minute to talk about my personal highlight from this year, the thing I am most proud of. It has nothing to do with shoes and everything to do with running: 
Not planned but I inadvertently started a womens running club. For anyone who knows me they'll know how unbelievable that sounds as I'm hardly the sporty type. But it's true. Back in April or May, my mother in law decided she wanted to do a 0-5K and Tom volunteered me to do it with her. Both of us armed with an app, head phones and a pair of running shoes set off across the local fields on our running journey. After a few weeks a neighbour spotted us and asked to join, then another and another until now we are a group of 6 women. With the exception of my mother in law we are all working mothers with young kids, none of us particularly fit but we're working on it. 
At the beginning we could only do a few minutes but we've worked our way up and now we each run around 30 mins or so 3 times a week heading out early mornings before the school run or work. Carving out a small bit of time to do something empowering for ourselves and supporting each other. 
If anyone is in the Glynde, Firle or Lewes area of East Sussex and fancies joining us all you've got to do is get in touch. No fees, no pressure, just a group of women attempting to keep fit and do something for themselves in between the demands of work and kids, supporting each other not just in running but also in friendship.
My own personal goal for this year is to be able to run to Charleston and back, and to be able to run up Firle Beacon. Let's see how that goes...
 Just to inspire you, this photo is taken on one of our early morning runs.
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